Sunday asados 2022

from across the globe to our backyard

Our Sunday Asado Series invites chefs and grill masters from all over the world to take over our backyard for a no-fuss, no-frills BBQing afternoon amongst friends and neighbors.

2022 Lineup

April 24th
Chef Anya Peters

May 15th
Chef Carolina Santos-Neves
June 26th
Chef Alfredo Villanueva
July 24th
Chef Elly Fraser
August 7th
Chef Philip Limpl and Chef Philipp Inreiter
Wines by Christian Tschida

September 18th
Chef Mica Najmanovich

October 16th
Chef Chuy Villareal

November 13th
Chef Martin Planchaud

December 4th
Chef AJ Harris
Whiskey by Kings County Distillery

lingering smoke encasing a patio full of peopleVeggies cooking over an open fireFood being passed and shared.lingering smoke encasing a patio full of people

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