Sunday asado 2023

from across the globe to our backyard

Our Sunday Asado Series invites chefs and grill masters from all over the world to take over our backyard for a no-fuss, no-frills BBQing afternoon amongst friends and neighbors.

2023 Lineup

March 17th
Jannis Paraschos & Chef Felipe Donnelly

April 30th
Chef Elly Fraser
Wines by Zev Rovine
Spirits by Matchbook Distilling

May 28th
Chef Eric Tran
Wines by Martha Stoumen
Mezcal by Leo Hernández & Victor Moreno Santos of Mezcal Grulani

June 25th
Chef Zé Paulo Rocha
Wines by Will and Chenoa of Ashanta Wines
Spirits by Jahdé Marley from Zev Rovine Selections

July 30th
Chef Martin Planchaud
Wines by Ian Barry of Barry Family Cellars
Spirits by Isolation Proof Gin

September 10th
Chef Chuy Villarreal
Wines by Steven Graf
Mezcal by Origen Raiz & Dixeebe

October 1st
Chef Carolina Santos-Neves
Wines by Hank Beckmeyer of La Clarine Farm
Rums by Kigan Jo from Spiribam

October 15th
Chef Mariana Velásquez
Wines by Kapistoni Wines
Mezcal by Las Chingonas Imports

November 5th
Chef Alfredo Villanueva
Wines from Karakterre

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