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Camille Migot Vin Gris Rosé (2019)


Producer Camille Migot
Wine Region 
Lorraine, France
Pinot Noir & Gamay

A sort of rose?

This is a "Vin Gris" or "gray wine," one of the first descriptions used in the wine world to suggest a category of wine that is both "rosé," as it is used to take the color from the skins of the grapes, but also "orange wine". 

In a region (Lorraine) overshadowed by its neighbor (Alsace) here you get the natural vibrant acidity from the North of France with the touch of a serious wine maker, Camile Migot. This is a truly exceptional wine, not just a plain ol' rose. 

Support a real wine maker from a lesser known region and also get your pennies worth because this wine is the real deal!

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